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Immigration Law Tampa FL

Our nation continues to embrace its heritage of cultural diversity. To enhance this diversity, we can assist in the following areas:

  • Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card)
  • Deportation Representation
  • Investment Visas/Business Visas (L-1, E-1, E-2)
  • Visa Lottery/Diversity Visas
  • Canadian Treaty/NAFTA Visas (E-1)
  • Fiancee Visas
  • Petitions for Family Members
  • U.S. Citizenship Application
  • Professional Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Work Permits
  • Criminal or Family Law cases that affect a person’s immigration status
  • Any other Immigration inquiries you may have

We Offer Experienced Tampa Immigration Attorneys

America is a dream come true for many immigrants. They come here to work hard and build a better life for themselves. The country has been dubbed as “the land of opportunity” by many people due to the earning potential when compared to other countries of the world. The only thing that gets in the way for most immigrants is the tedious immigration process. It can be difficult for newcomers to understand the laws and how they can benefit them. This is why the Law Offices of Peter Macaluso offers the best immigration attorney in Tampa, Florida.

Understanding Immigration Law in Tampa, FL

If you are looking for an immigration attorney in Tampa, Florida, we offer helpful services for clients in all phases of the immigration process. Hiring an attorney who knows how to properly file the paperwork and represent you is the key to a successful outcome. A single mistake can lead to delays, which can have serious consequences, including deportation. To avoid these potential issues, it’s best to hire a reputable attorney to help represent your case.

Why Choose Us?

For more than 30 years, we have helped large number of clients successfully navigate the immigration process. Whether you need to file paperwork for employees or a spouse or you need help overcoming the removal process, our Tampa immigration attorneys are here to help. We work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome.


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